Discover Dance for ages 2-4!

Our new Discover Dance 7 week program designed for the littlest dancers to allow them to have a taste of dance, without the yearlong commitment.

Our next Discover Dance programs runs on Wednesdays starting January 16th, 2019!


January 16th-February 27th 2019

10:30-11:00 Ballet
An exciting introduction to ballet! Dancers will get to twirl, tip toe, and leap around the studio learning body and spacial awareness as they go! Ballet outfits aren’t required but can be worn.

11:00-11:30 Jazz
An upbeat dance class, dancers will also get to skip, gallop, and jump around the studio to some exciting songs!

Each program is $55+GST ($57.75) and can be paid by cash, cheque, debit, or credit. Use the form below to register and reserve your spot!


Dancers are to wear clothing that allows movement (e.g.: shorts, leggings, sweatpants, t-shirts, tank tops, etc. no jeans, clothing with sharp pieces).

Please secure hair off the face in a ponytail or bun. Special dance shoes are not required.

At Danceworx, we are committed to creating a safe environment for kids to express themselves through movement. Dance is both an art and a sport – learning to dance develops strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, as well as artistry and self-confidence. Values learned in the dance studio go far beyond, including discipline, punctuality, and respect. Come see what Danceworx can do for your young dancer!

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