Dress Codes & Etiquette

At Danceworx, we follow a series of dress codes for a few reasons:

  • Safety; if a dancer is not wearing the correct clothing/footwear they can injure themselves/other dancers
  • Discipline and Respect; when dancers following a dress code they develop a sense of discipline for dance
  • Training and Alignment; in certain styles, following a dress code allows the teacher to see lines and posture for accurate corrections

If a dancer is not wearing the appropriate clothing/footwear, they may be asked to sit out and observe class.

Dress Codes by Style of Dance:

Dancers must wear clothing that allows movement; no jeans or dresses.
Hair must be tied off the face.
Jazz shoes, foot undeez, piroette shoes, or bare feet are acceptable choices of footwear. Once a type of footwear has been decided on for competition and recitals, dancers will be asked to wear that footwear to class weekly for practice.

Hip Hop/Street Jazz/Breakdance
Dancers must wear clothing that allows movement; no jeans or dresses.
Hair can be tied off the face.
CLEAN, dry runners must be worn. Dirty shoes will not be allowed in the studios.

All of the dancers in Mini/Junior/Intermediate/Senior ballet at Danceworx must wear a black leotard, ballet pink tights, and ballet shoes. Dancers in recreational ballet may wear leotards of any colour.
Hair must be in a bun with bobby pins and a hairnet.
Dancers in recreational and mini ballet must wear leather full-sole ballet shoes. Dancers in Junior/Intermediate/Senior ballet can wear canvas split sole ballet shoes. Dancers will only be allowed to wear pointe shoes if the instructor decides that the dancer has enough technique and foot/ankle strength to support themselves on pointe.

Etiquette Policies

  1. Dancers should arrive five (5) minutes before class start time, appropriately dressed. Dancers should use this time to change into the designated footwear prior to class start. Punctuality is expected.
  2. Dancers must behave appropriately at all times. Excessive taking, abusive language, rude behaviour is not permitted. This includes their behaviour on social media. No bullying or disrespect will be tolerated.
  3. Dancers (especially competitive dancers) should maintain a positive attitude.
  4. Gum is not allowed at any time in any classroom. Food or beverages are not allowed in the classrooms during class. The instructor will permit water breaks when necessary. Cell phones are not permitted in the studio.
  5. DanceWorx will not be responsible for students who leave the premises for any reason. Please ensure that your child knows to wait for you inside the studio.
  6. Classes cancelled due to extreme weather will have to be forfeited. Classes cancelled by the studio will be re-scheduled. Make-up classes are not available when missed due to illness or other attendance problems. Payments will not be reduced due to absences.
  7. A doctor’s release is required for an injured dancer to return to classes. This applies to injuries occurring outside or inside the studio.
  8. This policy applies mainly to our intensive students: i) Intensive students are expected to attend competitions and performances as well as any extra/required rehearsals to prepare for these events throughout the year. ii) The studio reserves the right to drop a dancer for excessive tardiness and/or absences. For students missing an excessive amount of classes (more than 3) prior to a competition, performance, and/or recital – it is the instructor’s discretion to determine if the dancer will be able to participate. The instructor’s decision will be based on the technical and medical ability of the dancer to successfully perform.
  9. Each instructor reserves the right to sit a child out of any class if any of the above policies have been violated.
  10. Upon registering at Danceworx, all participants give their permission for Danceworx permission for any photograph or video taken of any dancer(s) to be used for promotional purposes without compensation. This includes but is not limited to; newspaper, brochures, ads, television, sales videos, Internet and social media including Facebook®, You Tube®, Twitter®, newsletters and any other.
  11. It is important to us to hear from you if you have any concerns or inquiries regarding your child’s progress. Please do not hesitate to talk to your child’s instructor or Elise Melo/Director.